Sunday, April 25, 2021


 I have long said he thinks he is an expert on every subject under the sun. lately he went relatively quiet hence no pots. However today he is back again with a large article in the Sunday Daily Mail. They have always seemed to be lovers of him so that is no surprise.

However as with all his many TV and newspaper appearences why should we listen to anything he spouts forth with. He is no expert on Covid matters and rather than be concerning himself with constituency matters, he obviously is more concerned with himself. For all his spouting forth is only to bolster the way the powers in the Conservative Party see him. He has only one thing on his mind and that is to get back into the cabinet and eventually as high up as he can get....even to the very top.......God help us if he ever succeeds.

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Tobias Ellwood MP continues his never ending quest to be recognised as the Tory Parties expert on absolutely everything. No doubt he sees this as a way to get back into the Cabinet. Maybe even worm his way into being Britains best and most influencial PM. Hardly a day goes by when he isn't on some TV News prog or in a newspaper waffling away on every subject under the sun. At the same time ll his constituents can go hang for 'He doesn't help them at all'-simply not interested.

In the last two days he's been showing that he is now an expert on everything to do with China. I expect he's also an expert on Mandarin. For now he has added to his vast experience by spouting forth on the recent India/China border conflict. I'm surprised the Indians have'nt begged him to become their No1 advisor on how the deal with the Chinese. I mean 5 years in the British Army must make him the Worlds foremost expert on all matters Military.

Not content with that he was on yet another newspaper giving the World his expertise on Navy matters. This time imparting his vast knowledge on the viability of Britain having two carriers. Quite how a lowly Captain with only 5 years service in some Army footslogging mob, has the vast navy knowledge he would have us believe about naval matters,is beyond my comprehension. Quite how Naval Top Brass lets him get away with it is also beyond me. Why isn't some Admiral serving or retired, tearing into his uninformed waffling?

Then in the last week we have seen the manic goings on on Bournemouth lovely beaches. Of course we all saw him talking to the nation from his Westminster office about all that. NOTE he never came near the place he is supposed to serve, yet he makes his learned thoughts known to the peasants in the rest of the UK. As I've said previously he has never been seen in Bournemouth throughout the last 4 months of COVID. It's always from some cosy London TV studio or the comfort of his million pound home or from his office in Westminster.

Of course he wheedled his way into becoming the Chair of Defence Select Committee. How the Tories allowed that is well beyond me. Is he a Professor of all matters of Defence?? I think not, especially as all he ever was, was a jobsworth lowly Captain in some crap Army regiment who lots of people have never heard of. Talk about brown-nosing isn't in it. Or did Daddy know the right people to get his darling big-mouth son a job comensurate with his big brain??


Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Since my last post, 'Hero' Tobias Ellwood MP has continued his never ending self serving efforts to get his mug onto as many news programmes and into as many newspapers as possible. No doubt he believes this is the way to make his name and mug so well known, that the public and the media will think he's the official mouth peice for the Tory Party. Quite why Boris allows him to do this or any other Tory MP doesn't kick up about all this.

He shamelssly uses his position that he wheedled himself into, as Chairman of the Commons Defence Committe, to make himself appear to be all important and an absolute necessity to have him spouting forth on every subject under the Sun. But today he showed what a shameless liar he his
. For on the Kate Burley Show  he was there as usual playing the Einstein character he thinks he is. He for instance spouted on about the yob who pissed next to the memorial of the slain cop, who let's not forget, big head Tobias was able to shamelessly milk the fact he tried to help the unfortunate cop. So much so, that the compliable media then started to put a halo around his big head and actually call him a 'Hero' which by no stretch of the imagine he was, as he'd not done anything remotely heroic. He merely did what any decent passerby would have done and tried to resusitate the injured man.

Then he had a go at the fat slob of a yob and what he did next to the memorial of the unfortuante cop. Now quite what that had to do with Hero Ellwood and his position on a Defence Committe or the topic of yobs pissing anywhere??. But then no doubt no other self respecting Tory MP would have wanted to appear on any ITV show, so all singing and all dancing Hero, Tobias would have to do. No doubt he got a boost to his self professed  and inadequate MP's salary, that he recently decried was difficult to live on.. THE TOTAL SHITE.

Yet all the while the 'Lockdown' has been in force, our hero and self confessed helper to all his constituents (but not any constituent who had the temerity to tell him off for being a shite MP!!) who never helped ANY of his constituents who he hardly ever went near to. Certainly I cannot remember in the past 3-4 months that he's been anywhere near Bournemouth to inspect care homes or hospitals and see what he could do for them back in Westminster. Especially re the hard the get PPE. No visiting hard put to, small businesses who no doubt have gone to the wall or will do soon.......and so on and every time his mug is on the TV, it's either from Westminster or his study at his big posh ex Barn conversion house, which somehow he managed to buy on his pathetic MP's piddling wage???


Sunday, June 7, 2020


This past week has been one of endless appearances by 'Brainbox Ellwood' spouting forth on every subject known to man. Numerous articles in the press and appearances on TV News progs. ALL THAT HASN'T GONE UNNOTICED BY OUR LOCALS WHO COMMENT IN THE BOURNEMOUTH ECHO, WHENEVER THEY FEATURE 'HERO' TOBIAS, THAT HE'S AT IT AGAIN SERVING HIMSELF.

So determined is he to make a big name for himself as the best Tory expert on everything, that on his website he has a heading; ' For Press enquiries' ring ......  So it is clear he wants to be asked by all and sundry for his 'expert' opinion, no matter what the subject.

Today in the Express he's waffling on about how a Brit copy of the EU Galileo would be utter madness for us to waste money on. But what exactly does he really know about that subject? After all he's only an ex soldier (A PROFESSIONAL TRENCH DIGGER' ) who has had no technical jobs whatsoever. It's just to once more get his mug into the newspapers. Earlier in the week he was at it again and this time giving us all the benefit of his wisdom on China and how they are taking advantage of us all because we are all heavily into the virus, so not taking notice of how China is doing this. Why don't the thicko journo's see what he is up to??

What really gets me about this loathsome man, is that he ignores all his constituents and all the problems we are getting with say, all the deaths in care homes of which there are more than average in his constituency. Then there have been over the last few weeks, while we had all those crowds on our beaches and his only comment on that, was to close the roads to stop everyone getting here.

Worse than all that, is the fact that he has boasted in the past that as he spent a massive 5 years in the
Army, he has made himself the 'protector' of Forces Vets. Well he never lifted a finger to help me when I asked him and worse than that, this week it has been highlighted in the Press that Dennis Hutchings, the Army Vet who served in N.Ireland and was accused of shooting a civilian who failed to stop, is now facing a court case some 50+ years on. This at the age of late seventies and also suffering from cancer.

This outrage is happening despite the promises of the bastard Tories, PROMISING to stop all this when they wanted our vote at the last election. NOT A PEEP FROM OUR 'HERO' - POSHBOY TOBIAS ABOUT THIS OR HOW HE IS OUTRAGED BY THIS. It shows again what a fraud he actually is.......ONLY INTERESTED IN HIMSELF AND HIS ADVANCEMENT IN POLITICS, SO NO ROCKING THE BOAT FOR POOR DENNIS !!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2020


This dreadful man knows no bounds in his desire to get exposed to the public via newspapers and TV news programmes. No matter what the subject is, he has an opinion. His latest exposures have been two in our local paper. the Bournemouth Echo about his opinions on foreign governments using COVID to exploit the UK, and why the MOD were usuing a spray on soldiers to stop the virus.
Then there has been an episode seen on the Piers Morgan GMB morning show where he was debating something with Poshboy Tobias.
Piers obviously said something to Poshboy that he didn't like as he frequently does, as that's his job to question people in power. Posbboy being as he is, a totally arrogant self opiniated arsehole, didn't like someone questioning him on aything, stormed away by shutting down the video connection. This is EXACTLY the same way he behaved when I critised him for telling me lies by saying he would help me, when he actually had no intention of doing so.. So he lied by using the excuse I had abused him etc.

Yesterday a reader of the Echo said in a comment on the article about Poshboy Ellwood that he was a despicable Mp who did not even reply to emails sent him, by the writer. Which is par for the course fo this TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE !! It is telling that whenever an article on Ellwood appears in the Echo, the number of people writing comments slagging him off for what he truly is, just shows that many in Bournemough cannot stand the bastard. Not just me then.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


In the Bournemouth Echo newspaper today, they report on Ellwood's interview on the BBC newsnight show of last Thursday. He was apparently interviewed by the programmes host, one Emma Burnett. He was obviously pulled onto the programme by the BBC as the government offered no spokesperson to talk on their behalf, about what is going on in care homes re PPE.

This proves that Tobias has put his name about to all media outlets, as being a willing person to talk about any subject under the sun. After all he's an MP and an ex Army one at that. But there are 630 at least MP's to choose from so, why is it always this poshboy who gets in front of the camera?? I wouldn't mind betting he's in all the medias sites, because he knows the right people who have put intothe media, good word about 'our brainy poshlad Tobias, who knows everything about everything! He's your boy and he will do it for a reasonable fee.

The interview was about care homes as I've said and Tobias opined that Bournemouth has a lot of care does that automatically make him an expert on all care homes and what is going on in them, with this virus?? As I have mentioned in previous posts, IT IS A FACT THAT WE HAVE THE GREATEST CONCENTRATION OF PENSIONERS IN THE COUNTRY AND CORRESPONDINGLY MANY CARE HOMES. Yet where has TOBIAS ELLWOOD MP been since February, as I have mentioned a few times, IN THE AREA HE REPRESENTS??????? Too busy filling his pockets giving interviews all over the place and mostly in London no doubt and not amongst we peasants of the greater Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch connurbation.

However what really got right up my nose and which shows what a massive hypocrite he is>>> is what he said to Emma in relation to her question to him about care workers in care homes having to work with little or no PPE and would he do that?: - "You are putting a hypothetical question to me. You asked me personally, I would continue my work because that is the person I am" Give that man a medal the bloody 'HERO'- remember that he IS A HERO!! Pass me a sick bag.

So what he is saying is that he is a caring person, so would work in a care home, even without any PPE and THAT IS SUPREMLY HYPOCRITICAL. Why you may ask, but to ask that question you obviously haven't been reading this blog. For when I as a constituent of his, asked him to help me get justice, because of the unlawful actions of government departments, especially in the justice system, whilst he said he would (because he is a caring person-as he claims). Yet it was all a lie and eventually when I got him in a corner he refused to act any further by using the lie that I had abused him. But he failed to supply any evidence when asked, that I had. THIS IS THE ACT OF AN UTTER HYPOCRITE......But that's lying politicians for you.

Friday, April 24, 2020


Well our 'hero' brainbox and know all, about everything on the planet, is still at it. The thing is, you just know why he is doing this and its not to save the planet and our country,or to serve his constituents, but to give himself more gravitas in the hope Boris will at last recognise what a plus he would be if brought back into his cabinet. For there isn't a subject that he doen't know heaps about. He hopes that Boris will be thinking: "For God damn it, he is being seen on TV all the time spouting forth on all sorts of subjects.  So he must be someonethat definitely in my cabinet and maybe we made a mistake kicking him out of my cabinet, regardless of the fact I did that as he was a remainer and went against me."

There he was yet again on some TV news programme last night pontificating about fly tipping of all this. Is there no subject matter that this brainbox isn't an absolute authority on? Bugger his constituency and how his constiuents are fairing over this virus madness. How can I help them, especially all the 'oldies' that proliferate in the whole Bournemouth greater area ? No they don't matter even though 16K of them voted me in. They would vote for a monkey if one were put up at the next election, so I'm safe when that comes round, so I can get away with anything and getting myself further up the greasy politics pole is much more important to me.